Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I am starting to kick off sales for my new booklet that is the kancil manual booklet which emphesise on how to service your beloved car by your own. Just by doing it your self you will save tons of money which can be directed to savings, small bisness project and etc. This book offers a wide range of information from the front to the rear of your kancil. Modify your kancil today look cool and save money on repair the next time around. Cars don't compromise, that why your have to look after them and they will make sure that your stay out of brake downs.

1. How to change your oil filter
2. Changing spark plugs
3. The use of jumper cable
4. Do it your self reverse sensor
5. Types of spare part from chop shop
6. Pro and cons of modifying
7. Etc

There are lots of information ini the book, but the best part of it is this book will be updated every week! Yes it is true, i will be updating the book according to real life problem of the kancil. So, don't wait just buy the  booklet just for RM30 and you will be on the road to saving big time. On top of that there is a chance to make money by just selling my e-book. The other best part is, the price of this e-book will be increased based on the information provided. The more information the more expensive it will be, untill it reach to a certain extend.

After this e-book reach a certain volume of users, it is highly possible for me to do research on other type of cars such as Myvi, Viva, Wira, Waja and Perdana. Only the current users will be notified first, the booklet will also be on going progress with subject to price increase due to the information  provided. Stay with us give support and who know you will make money for a new car, pay for car service or just make a bit of side income for savings.

The idea of this booklet is to help minimize on service cost and at the same time same time save money. Other intention of this e-booklet is giving normal people like us a chance to use higher class car such as bmw, mercedes, audi, honda, toyota etc on older version so that they can feel and appreciate the quality of import cars. Last but not least hope you enjoy the booklet and stay tune for more.

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