Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lowzyidea buying used cars

It is crazy these days, cars are cheap and there are many type to choose from. How to choose a car to buy??? Well first you have to determine your budget then you look into the type of cars listed on you budget price. Then look in the service maintance for the car, ask friends point of view. See the deemand of the car, if the car are abundant in the market that means the spare part are easy to find. But remember not all part are cheap some have to be imported, check are the parts available on local demands, which mean you can get local thailand cheap new spare parts.

To my knowledge many of honda part are made in the Thailand country, so are for the toyota spare part can be also sourced from our neighbouring country. In Thailand the labour is cheap so part are cheaper there, but do have a wide view on which spare part are available.

The only thing about local made spare part is the life span of the product are short and does not match with the original spare part quality hence the part still can be used by for a short time of duration. Same goes to local engine oil the life span written supossed to be 10,000km but the actual span is less by half,

So, when buying a used car take every thing into consideration never just buy a car. For me there are easy steps of selecting a to know follow me next time...thank you for reading

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