Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The most lowzy idea for the month of Oktober

Sitting down and doin nothing thinking on how to make money the easy way just to get rid of personal loan, car loan and etc. I just came up to me that most people want fast result on how to make money with having to put much effort. Making money is not a big deal as long as you have a job to do so. The main concern is how to make enough money to suit your desired life style, being a worker limit your income by all means that you have to keep your budget neat a tidy.

In order to succeed in life is you must list out all the bill payment that have to be made and see what are you left with. Simply by doing this every month you are able to see the balance of your monthly wage. After calculating your wage vs expenditure see how much you more you need to earn to suit your desire life style. There ara a couple of ways how to make quick cash, one of the best option is do part time job that pay daily or weekly wage. The extra cash in hand will certainly help you free your self from financial burden.

There the do's and the don't

Don't ever make personal loan to the limit that will burden your monthly wage
Don't buy a car that exceed your daily budget
Don't go for insurance if you are not sure that you ever need it
Don't forget to include extra budget to service your car, house and etc
Don't eat out a lot as it will hurt your expenditure
Don't panic buy, shop around see the difference

Do plan out you expenditure on a montly basis
Do consider the type of car that you are buying as fuel are not cheap these days
Do your shopping during promotions to save your money
Do stock buy for household product
Do a book keeping to see the flow of your money
Do a search on how to earn more income via internet, selling e-book, small biz, etc

Backup Plan

In everything that we do we must have a backup plan

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