Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Branding your self over the lowzyidea

Hi, it has been a while that i have not been bloging about anything at all. Busy doing my fixed job at the office and came back home late plus tired. Happy new year 2011 to all of you. Well i just check by the name of lowzyidea and came out fabulous. It is great to know that google updated the pharse that i made, wow it is awsome that i have all that i wanted for so......long.

Now the hardest part of all is to make traffic come to lowzyidea.....the more people visiting the marrier. Cut out the crap the more people come to the word that word that you build to stand out the more money that you make.

But you need to advertise and promote your site to gain more viewers, once your viewer are attracted to your site they will tell their friends and more viewer will come to your site.

Be specific about your site, fix the type of info that you would like to share or your could just jumble up all information all at one site but you need to be super creative.

Do simple writing do not complicate the word and make it easy for viewers to read and understand. Provide good solid news, facts, updates, ideas or what so ever which forthfil your site.

Never try to copy paste the site of others, it could be bad for your viewer or it could be just damn boring news to read which viewers do not like. Always try to do something new and fresh, this will inspire people to come back to your site coz there are new thing that they could read, learn and try.

Once everything is set up perfectly you will start to see the progress from ground zero to a who know what, just maybe the next internet millioner......

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