Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hard life

Everyone in the planet needs cash and every each one of search or make money in a different way. Some of become a superstar sing to the joy of their hearts, some work their buts out to make a living and some just steal from others to make a living. All of us need to find a way to make money again and again repeatedly to gain a living.

As time goes by i develope a question " until when is money needed?" So began the search for answers, what i found out was. In order a person to gain happiness in life is to control their spending needs or a person could gain happiness when their income is higher then their spending habits. No matter how many years each of us live in this temporary world we all need money untill the end of our life.

By far, working is the only way that each and everyone of us will ever do to gain water, food, clothes and etc.

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