Sunday, February 27, 2011

My first experience of sellig cupcakes in an event

On Saturday 26th of February 2011, I sold my home made cupcakes at an event and it was a new way of doing business for me. I got to know the event from one of my business friend that I met at a Kiosk that i proposed to display a couple of my home made cupcakes.

I met the new business friend a day before, and she offered me to put a couple of cupcake at a futsal event which is due to be held on Saturday. She gave me her business card and told me that if i wanted to sell my cakes just give her a call. She said 'you give your price and how many you want to sell is totally up to you'.

Later that night i called her up and ask for the venue. I stay up late that night to bake a few cupcakes to get my very first exprience selling through an event. It is an important experience because it is very new to me and i am very curious how the cupcake business is to grow.

Morning came and i am up send the cupcakes.....continue read

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