Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Public bank offer

I have a house that public bank offer of rm50,000 just beside a house that i bought a few months back. The situation of the house is broken. All that i canthink of the modification is around rm15k should i buy or just decline. Maybe so the price is well below market price, but the afford that need to go into it just to put in a good condition is a hell alot of work.

Sliding doors stolen, ceiling broken, electric circuit braker stolen, switch & plugs stolen, walls are vandalised, no sinks, no toilet bowl. The house is a mess, a broken down scrap. Man...oh man....

Friday, July 22, 2011

Adakah monavie untuk anda....

Ramai yang telah mencuba minuman yang berbentuk pati buah-buahan ini dan ada yang mendatangkan kesan yang positif. Tidak semua golongan akan sependapatan namun setiap orang ada cita rasa tersendiri. Rambut sama hitam tetapi hati lain-lain. Kita harus sedar dan peka tentang kesihatan kerana pada masa kini banyak penyakit yang telah menyular di kalangan masyarakat kita sendiri. Kencing manis, asthma, tibi dan sebagainya adalah merupakan penyakit yang berpunca daripada persekitaran dan pemakanan yang tidak seimbang.

Monavie bukanlah ubat tetapi sejenis minuman khasiat tambahan yang mempunyai banyak nutriant yang penting untuk pertahanan sistem badan. Buah-buahan adalah sumber utama untuk melawan penyakit dan membaiki sel tisu yang rosak. Jika badan kita tidak mempunyai bahan seperti kalsium, posatium, vitaman a,c,d dan sebagainya agak sukar untuk sistem badan untuk memperbaiki dirinya kepada keadaan asal. Kita tidak sedar bahawa buah-buahan penting dan ada di kalangan kita yang tidak mahu makan buah kerana tidak suka akan rasanya.

Kini nutrian tambahan mudah diperoleh di dalam bentuk pil yang boleh di beli dari pihak farmasi. Tahukah anda pil mempunyai bahan pengawet untuk bertahan dua hingga tiga tahun? Tahukah anda pil mempunyai bahan yang tidak dapat dibuang oleh sistem badan kita?

Adalan sukar untuk dipercayai...minuman jus buah-buahan yang dijual dikesemua gedung bukan 100% jus buah. Jika anda peniaga mahukah anda rugi? Sememangnya tidak, betul! Kesemua jus jenis kotak mahupun botol ada campuran gula tambaha, adakah anda sedar? Anda sendiri yang memilih untuk mewarisi penyakit kencing manis, darah tinggi dan sebagainya.

 Untuk penerangan lanjut sila tekan 0176528731 di sini anda akan mendapat tips bagaimana anda boleh minum sambil menambah pendapatan atau minum secara percuma.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Monavie is it worth it

All this while i had been approched by people saying that this monavie solution is great for health and promotes good income too. Well, i decided to try it out and came out with the results. Your income depends on how well you perform or in other word how active you are in promoting the products to other.

The thing is parties, function sharing idea, group disccusion and etc works for this type of business. One to one deal is also aplicable but the result is just to slow. In other word to get rich quick you have to scarifice  money, time and effort regardless of your current job.

The red labled monavie is said to be a cure to heart dieases, low blood pressure and etc. Most people that have used it said that i mainly for more desire toward having intame course which is good in one way.

This violet labled moanvie is for people with diabetis, stroke and etc. Most people see it as medecine to cure illness that they suffer from. If tried it my self yes it does do the job that is said it will do. It is worth it!

Last but not least is the green labled monavie, i call it green beast because it nature to cure sore back pain, ease ligament pain and etc. It is said green beast is best to give and provides new cushion for all types of ligament problem, making you feel good as new.

In Malaysia the price of monavie is not tha expensive, Violet RM135, Red RM145 and the Gren is RM150. But being a member gets cheaper price and this mean you can save up to 25%. On top of that you can sell and gain profit to ensure that you have a good stabil supply of monavie in your life without having to fork out as much from your main stable job income.

for more info please email to or just leave a comment tq

Friday, June 17, 2011

My wife wants monavie

It is a crazy world after all, i had my bad time with multi level marketing all my life. All i had encounter was lost no gains at all. My wife never did support when i was doing a multi level marketing program. Suddenly came out monavie and the family of hers joined the program. She was influance by the sisters to join the party, charming and saying that monavie will work for them.

The best part is yet to come, she told me that if we hadn't enough money to join she would give up her gold neckless to the pawn shop. I was slap in the face...i say what?? She was so positive that she could pull through and this was ment to be her destiny.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hard life

Everyone in the planet needs cash and every each one of search or make money in a different way. Some of become a superstar sing to the joy of their hearts, some work their buts out to make a living and some just steal from others to make a living. All of us need to find a way to make money again and again repeatedly to gain a living.

As time goes by i develope a question " until when is money needed?" So began the search for answers, what i found out was. In order a person to gain happiness in life is to control their spending needs or a person could gain happiness when their income is higher then their spending habits. No matter how many years each of us live in this temporary world we all need money untill the end of our life.

By far, working is the only way that each and everyone of us will ever do to gain water, food, clothes and etc.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

My first experience of sellig cupcakes in an event

On Saturday 26th of February 2011, I sold my home made cupcakes at an event and it was a new way of doing business for me. I got to know the event from one of my business friend that I met at a Kiosk that i proposed to display a couple of my home made cupcakes.

I met the new business friend a day before, and she offered me to put a couple of cupcake at a futsal event which is due to be held on Saturday. She gave me her business card and told me that if i wanted to sell my cakes just give her a call. She said 'you give your price and how many you want to sell is totally up to you'.

Later that night i called her up and ask for the venue. I stay up late that night to bake a few cupcakes to get my very first exprience selling through an event. It is an important experience because it is very new to me and i am very curious how the cupcake business is to grow.

Morning came and i am up send the cupcakes.....continue read

Friday, February 25, 2011


 Jira buat cupcake bentuk love amin...sume dah jual.Sold  Sold Sold.

 Edible Image Cupcakes sweet, colourful and cute to eat.